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Are you ready to take control of your villa's destiny?

Dear Villa Owner,

Monarch Stays is here to help you own your uniqueness, shine brighter, and unlock the full potential of your beautiful property! Say goodbye to restrictions and hello to a world of endless possibilities. Picture this: No more commission fees eating into your hard-earned profits. No more feeling like just a namesake owner with limited control. With Monarch Stays, you can redefine success on your terms. Let me walk you through the incredible benefits of partnering with us:

No Commission:Keep all of your villa’s sales for yourself. No more splitting the pie with intermediaries. It’s time to maximize your earnings!

Direct Genuine Leads: Our platform connects you directly with genuine leads who are eager to experience the magic of your villa.

No Agreements Required: Start selling your villa with us without being locked into lengthy contracts. We believe in a partnership based on mutual success.

 Your Villa, Your Sale Price: You deserve to determine the true value of your unique property. Set the price that reflects its worth, and watch as eager buyers line up at your doorstep.

 Reservation Freedom: Your villa is your sanctuary, and we understand that. Reserve it whenever you need, whether it’s for personal use or for a special occasion. The power is in your hands.

 Your Villa, Your Rules: Embrace your villa’s individuality and set the rules that align with your vision. Showcase what makes your property extraordinary and attract guests who appreciate it.

 Off-Season Focus: Don’t let the off-season go to waste! We specialise in off-peak bookings, ensuring a steady stream of revenue even during quieter times. Your villa will never sit empty.

 Guest and Management Control: You know your villa and guests best. With Monarch Stays, you have the final say in selecting the guests who stay in your property and how you manage their experience. Maintain the highest standards of hospitality!

 Other brands may hold you back with restrictive agreements, lack of guarantees, and commission fees on every booking. But with Monarch Stays, we empower you to soar to new heights and exceed your sales goals.

Ready to seize this extraordinary opportunity?

Let us help you unleash the true potential of your villa! Our dedicated team is ready to guide you through the exciting journey of partnership with Monarch Stays.

Don't wait a Moment Longer!

Grab the opportunity to earn more on your own terms and experience a world of limitless potential with Monarch Stays. We can’t wait to welcome you to our community of empowered villa owners.


Monarch Stays

P.S. Act fast! Your villa’s moment to shine is waiting.