Seize the Moment

every occasion is worth capturing!

Monarch stays, a plethora of luxurious villas amidst nature, offers a perfect place to capture your precious moments. Covered with a luscious green backdrop each of these villa presents a cinematography to behold for pre-wedding, fashion photography, textile photography, maternity photography, film-making and many other activities. Highlighting some of the photography events:

Pre-Wedding Shoots – Making nature as your set, station yourself at different locations and capture your love. With soothing sounds of birds chirping, fragrance of a variety of flowers and grounded to the roots, fall in love while getting shot for your pre-wedding. These moments are once in a lifetime events, make it special for your special one.


Fashion Photography – Photography is an art and so is fashion, an amalgamationof these two in a natural environment gives great pieces of art. Our villas provide a wide variety of aesthetic, alluring and magnanimous backdrop to capture your style and make it more glamorous. Explore these villas and select from a wide range of indoor and outdoor cinematic backgrounds for your shoot.


Maternity Photography – It’s a new beginning for you and making it a special and ever-lasting moment is your right. Come and choose your perfect location with mother nature to soothe and calm your baby. Selecting a nearby destination and opting a perfect villa which will cater to your maternity condition has become easy with us. Bringing a new life and cherishing these moments with your loved ones has become special with maternity photography at our villas.

In short, capturing the love at the right time, at the right location and with the right theme enhances the vibe of the occasion. And at Monarch Stays we make sure it is done with utmost care and precision. These shoots offer a unique way to capture the essence of your special journey and frame it for life to remember and relive.

Waiting for what? This is the time to take action and make your moments everlasting. Book a Villa with us and seize the moment!