SPLASH IT - MONSOON IS HERE …monsoon retreat with the exotic villas of Stays!

Being the true Mumbaikar that we are, can we stay away from the monsoon or skip that in any way. Quite likely NO! Monsoon is ingrained in the lives of people of Maharashtra and we do have innumerable memories attached to it.

Beginning with wearing gumboots when we were young to slashing the mucky waters in puddles, or having the amazing pakoras with tea and those several chats with our loved ones. This is one way of enjoying the rain and the other is booking a heavenly villa with a huge swimming pool and devouring some hot poha or maggie with a refreshing cup of coffee whilst getting lost to our favourite tunes.

We all are aware how difficult it is to hail an auto during monsoon or to save ourselves from getting drenched with the muddy water on a busy weekday. That ‘s why we suggest you should take a few days off during this rainy season and stay at our gorgeous homestays and villas in Maharashtra especially Lonavala, Dahanu and Karjat.

Especially if you live in Maharashtra, the rainy season is a serious business. As much as we love watching the rain drops on our window pane, we also want to stay inside, getting cosy in our blanket, cuddled with some hot coffee on the side and calling in sick leave! For a second, imagine you are in a pristine place, with natural beauty and peace. Eating vada pav and holding a cup of hot chai in one hand – the real Maharashtrian rainy season dream! And this dream can be turned into reality by Us. We have got undoubtedly a variety of options for you to choose from. You only have to decide on your villa and leave everything on us to make your rainy day a memorable one.

Set amid dense forest, hills, lakes around our villas are perfect for those who love nature. And there’s no better place than Lonavala, Karjat or Dahanu – with foggy roads, waterfalls and dense forests. Drive through the foggy roads to get to these mesmerising properties, and stay in one of these cosy yet charming villas. The detailed beauty of the location around is apt for a romantic, cosy and peaceful stay.

What are you waiting for? Get from your couches and get going with booking one of our Villas from The Monarch Stays!!!