Summer is the season of warm and balmy weather, cool evening breezes, blue skies, casual clothes and lots of outdoor entertainment. With summer in full swing, it is the perfect time of the year to take a break and book yourself a villa with a pool.

To complement the warm weather outside, we have brought to you a plethora of villas with swimming pools to soothe your blistering summer weekends. Monarch Stays offers a perfect weekend getaway with villas located at Lonavala, Karjat, Dahanu, Pawna lake and many more. These villas offer a panoramic glimpse of the area they are located in. Talking about Pawna lake, activities such as zip-lining, paragliding give a perfect opportunity to capture the stunning views of the place. Imagine enjoying the afternoons at the swimming pool and passing your evenings seeing the clouds up close from the top of the mountains, it is an extremely charming site to behold.

Majority of these villas are located either near the lakeside or on the hills. Away from the hustle and bustle of the city and scorching heat of the sun, you can capture beautiful panoramic photographs while exploring the lake or the mountain side. For an unforgettable experience, make sure you book Monarch Stays witnessing the alluring Sunrise and sunset. You get to enjoy the peaceful environment surrounding these hills or lakes as you explore the incredible place making endless memories to cherish with your loved ones. Don’t think much! Go ahead and book a villa for yourself and your family to soothe your summers.

Don’t miss the fun of drenching in the swimming pool with your loved ones this summer. So switch on your vacation mode and pamper yourself for the hard work that you do on a daily basis by booking a villa with Monarch Stays. In short, it’s summer and time for wandering.

Hey yea! So hurry and book a villa with a swimming pool for your loved ones to celebrate this festival, to enjoy your leisure time with each other and forget the bad times and rejoice in the life ahead. In short, celebrate the festival of colours with your loved ones, enjoy the music around, dance to the tunes of various bollywood songs on holi, savour the taste of thandai and devour various mouth watering delicacies that are prepared on this day.