With IPL 2023 around the corner beginning this 31st March, all you Cricket fans must be planning your evenings and weekends as to how you get to see these matches at ease. Not to worry, we are here to resolve your tensions and offer you a platter of fun with food and beer to cheer your favourite team this season at our villas.
Yes you have heard it right all our villas are a great place to watch a match with your gang. This IPL season we have amazing offers on these villas to help you enjoy these matches without making a hole in your pocket. We highly recommend that you book a villa and spend your leisure time cheering for your favourite team. If you’ve had a tiring day at work, simply pick a team, a glass of beer, amazing food and spend the entire evening enjoying.
We understand your need to relax and have fun with your buddies and we know how tiring it is to host the house parties and cleaning the mess post matches. Hence, just head on to one of our villas along with your gang and relax in the vibe and ambience. Imagine the fun of watching your favourite team play and win at the lakeside or on a hillside. All our villas have an amazing view, with a caretaker to provide an assortment of food and drinks, all with enticing offers. Head over to experience the drama, the madness, the cheers and so much
more, much like what you’d find at the cricket stadium!
Whoop Whoop Whoop…Get going to cheer up your IPL team with none other than just your buddies and loved ones in one of our stunning villas this IPL season!!